August 11, 2013

A quick look at CoffeeScript, TypeScript, and Dart

As more developers focus on working on the front end, more tools are created to assist the developers. We now have some great tools and IDEs to help us with our development of JavaScript. The language itself can be hard to grasp and leads to many errors and bugs in your code. New languages for the web have been emerging to help tackle the issues that people are having with building scalable JavaScript applications. Read more

April 22, 2012

MD5 hashing in CoffeeScript, Perl and Scala

Kind of a follow up to my on MD5 hashing in Python, Ruby and Groovy posting, Here is a way of doing MD5 hashing in CoffeeScript and Perl. CoffeeScript/Node.js Perl Scala I also moved the code for Python, Ruby and Groovy into the same Gist on Github. If you know a better way feel free to fork and update!

September 22, 2011

Updated World of Warcraft Armory code

I haven’t been playing World of Warcraft for a bit, but I guess they did some big updates to the armory which stopped the code I had written before from running correctly. (Link to the old code, Ruby and Groovy) After looking in to what has changed, I found out they added a new REST API for which lets you pull data easily without the need of tricking the server to pass you XML. Read more

September 12, 2011

Add a little coffee to your Javascript

So for my posting for Project Euler 001, the Javascript code kind of upset me. It’s not nice to look at and doesn’t really solve the problem in a functional way. With Javascript being a functional programming language it didn’t sit well with me. Comparing the Javascript code to the Groovy and Ruby code there is one thing missing and it is the ‘Range’ type call. If I could have a call like that I could use some other calls like filter and reduce to get the same outcome. Read more

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