Small updates

June 2, 2012

Nothing too big but I did some small updates to two of my projects; and Nodejs map example. Node.js Geolocation Map Example This is a project that I did awhile ago when learning node.js. Because things are new in the node.js world, the libraries update often and the ones I used (Mostly did change and needed some updates to get it working again with the newer versions. I also wanted to move the hosting from dotCloud to Heroku, the new address is at http://nodejsmapexample. ... Read more

Busy with a new job

May 20, 2012

So, as the title says, I’ve moved on to a new job. I’ve been focusing on learning things to help me at my new job, which hasn’t really given me time to sit down and write a new posting for the blog. I’m sorry about this and I hope to have something soon after this transition period is over and things become normal for me. I did get to buy some videos from O’Reilly, the “Mastering Grails 101” by Berglund and McCullough and “Agile Engineering Practices” by Neal Ford. ... Read more

No Fluff Just Stuff - Boston 2012

March 19, 2012

Last week was a busy week for me, I’m just getting time right now to sit down and write about my take a ways from No Fluff Just Stuff. For the people that are not familiar with No Fluff Just Stuff it’s a conference based around Java technologies. It takes place allover and happens on the weekend which makes it an easier sell to your managers or higher ups. I’ve been lucky enough to have gone to 3 of them and I always learn about great new things. ... Read more

London and Edinburgh

November 2, 2011

Been a bit from my last posting, good reason for this though as I was away on a trip with my wife to London and Edinburgh. The trip was to celebrate one year of marriage with my wife. This was my 3rd time going to London, it’s a great place and where I asked my wife to marry me. Right outside the The National Gallery over looking Trafalgar Square in December with everything done up for winter! ... Read more

Project Euler 001

September 5, 2011

Made this posting sometime ago but I’ve been forgetting to actually post it. When I was looking up some information on Scala I found a great video tutorial on youtube made by MadocDoyu, which can be found here. In part of the video he introduces the Project Euler, this project seems really interesting. I plan on solving problems time to time using many of the languages I have looked at. ... Read more

A look in to noSQL

August 24, 2011

This has been a posting that I been putting off for some time now. noSQL is a great topic but the more you look in to it the more there is. noSQL covers a lot of technologies and ideas, some very new, and some that been around for a bit. I’m hoping this posting wets your appetite for knowing more about noSQL. One thing I will say to start off with, noSQL is a buzzword, plain and simple. ... Read more

Team Fortress 2 is now free to play

July 8, 2011

I really don’t like writing about games because I don’t play that many of them. When a game comes along that is good AND free, it makes it very easy to get into. Recently Team Fortress 2 has become free to play through Steam. This is a first person shooter (FPS) in the play style of Unreal Tournament and Wolfenstein Enemy Territory but with a very cartoony feeling to it. For me, this feature makes the game more enjoyable than just playing UT or W:ET. ... Read more

Tom Hughes-Croucher's on Node.js Video

July 7, 2011

One of the things I forgot to talk about in my “A look in to nodeJS” posting was what originally got me looking at nodejs. I had been seeing nodejs pop up here and there and I kind of wanted to learn more about it, but it wasn’t really on the top of my list. I always check to see if there are any new deals for ebooks. Sometimes, O’Reilly has deals that you can get videos too. ... Read more

Things I'm starting to look in to

June 15, 2011

Haven’t blogged in some time so I wanted to give a quick update on the things I’m looking at for myself and work. Right now my group is coming to the end of a big project at work so a lot of my time has been going into that, but I’ve still been looking at some new things that I hope to later write postings about. Right now the first item on the top of my list is NodeJS, node is a way to build scaleable web applications by using just JavaScript. ... Read more

No Fluff Just Stuff - Boston 2011

March 15, 2011

Last weekend I went to the No Fluff Just Stuff, the conference was focused on the latest technologies and best practices emerging in the enterprise software development space. First real conference I’ve been to. Most of the time I’m seeing webcasts of talks from conferences I’m not lucky enough to go to. Overall it was a great conference with a lot of good information. The conference was at the Crowne Plaza North Shore in Danvers, MA which for me being in Beverly, it wasn’t a issue to get to at all but some other people at the conference being from out of state seem to have issues finding it. ... Read more

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