July 8, 2010

Working Music

I would never call myself an expert of music. I know very little of what it takes to make a song let alone what it takes to make an album. But I do know what I like and I do enjoy sharing my thoughts on new bands that I have discovered. When at work coding along, I like to listen to things that have little to no vocals or something where the beats are out doing the vocals. I find music like this helps me get into my zone and lets me focus on my project. (Now if I could just keep people from bugging me I be all set! kidding…kind of! :) ) Though time to time I do listen to things with strong vocals but it just didn’t get me in to the zone as I’m always following along with the lyrics.

Collide by Beats Antique

Last week I found a new album that fits i to what I’m look for as I’m working, Collide by Beats Antique. It was recommended to me by Amazon MP3, based off of some Abney Park albums I bought. If you are like me, you will enjoy this album as it has a good variety of songs with very few vocals (none except for 1 song). I haven’t looked at any of the other albums by this artist, but I soon will.

Also for the people that haven’t tried Amazon MP3 yet, it’s a great service that I like better than iTunes. Dealing with just MP3 files makes it so much easier to move files around and back them up the way you want to.

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