November 21, 2011

Authentication with Sinatra

One of the things I’m heavily looking in to is Sinatra, it’s a micro-web framework which I feel gives you more freedom over your project and lets you rapidly prototype things out. You are able to keep a full app in one file which is perfect for use with Github’s Gist. Sinatra lets you quickly build web apps in a short amount of time with less complexity then a Rails app.  A lot of places that host Rails apps will also host Sinatra apps using Rack. A place where I plan on releasing one of my projects is Heroku. They are willing to give you a free web node, for small apps this will do fine and if later on you need to scale up it’s easy to do.

I couldn’t find any clear way of doing authentication within a Sinatra app so I made up some code that I hope will give people an idea on how to start.

Again, the hash is used in place for a database just for the sample. You really want to replace this with some database back-end.

If you see anyway of making this code better please comment or fork the Gist

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