I have lived through a lot of the major WiFi technology updates, I have also replaced a lot of WiFi routers in my lifetime. With wanting to spend less time dealing with WiFi issues I decided to buy something that was a better quality. Around 2013 the Apple Airport Extreme 6th generation just came out and had some of the best technology for the time, it received many updates, and over all worked well. This was by far better than my last WiFi router that was some cheap Linksys something.

The Apple Airport Extreme lasted me for sometime, but with adding more wireless devices to my network along with new neighbors moving in with their set of WiFi routers and devices, I started seeing some issues. If you want some more details about why WiFi sucks, Arstechnica did a nice write up about it. After having some frustrating issues with watching one of my favorite show’s season finale, I picked to upgrade to the Google WiFi.

I looked at Google WiFi for a bit before getting it. My parents had a TP-LINK Google Hub router, so I was familiar with the management application and the overall functionality. My friend Simon also got one to deal with his own set of WiFi issues and recommended it. Wasn’t too happy to be replacing an expensive router with another one, but if it could help with my issues it would be worth it.

I ordered a set of 3 Google WiFi from Amazon and it came 2 days later, (Thank you Prime!). The overall setup was easy, the first step is setting up the first unit. This took the most time because I had to wait a bit for Comcast to pick up the new router, but beside that nothing to painful. The Google WiFi application does a great job walking you through the installation. After the first unit is online and fully working, you can start adding more units around your house. This was as simple as plugging in a unit and using the app to add it to the network.


Right away I noticed an increase range and reliability of my wireless network, the speed was good and I was quite happy with the Google WiFi management application. From the application, I was able to run network tests to see if there was an issue with the WiFi or internet, I was also able to easily setup a Guest network, and bridge my Chromecast into the Guest network. The management application made it super simple to give out the WiFi password to any guests. At this point it’s been over 6 months and I haven’t had any issues with the network. I been happy with my decision to upgrade my wireless network to Google WiFi system.

I was so happy with it that I got a set of them for my parents as well. My Mother was telling me how she was having issues using her laptop in some parts of the house. As they already had an OnHub system, this install was as easy as finding an outlet and plugging in a unit. With less than 10 mins of work I was able to increase range and reliability of my parents network.

The WiFi system itself is good, but there are others out there, in my opinion it’s the application that really makes this great. From my phone I can manage both my parent’s network and my own, I can see if there is an issue with WiFi or something at the Internet service provider level. The system will also take a daily speed test for you, this is great for making sure you are getting the speed that you pay for. Overall, I feel that life is too short to be dealing with WiFi issues!