Update: New code using Battle.net’s REST API can be found here.

This posting is similar to “Pulling data from the Warcraft Armory with Ruby” but with Groovy. For the people who are not familiar with Groovy Home it’s “Object-oriented language alternative for Java platform; Java-like syntax, dynamically compiles to JVM bytecodes” in other words it’s another language that gets compiled to JVM bytecodes like Jython (Python based) and JRuby (Ruby based), but unlike being based off another language, this is new take on the Java language. Groovy is also the key part in Grails which is a MVC web framework like Ruby on Rails. Both Groovy and Grails aim to allow rapid development but still use enterprise standards Java technologies.

I love looking into and leaning a new language and for me the best way to learn is to redo something I already did in another language. This seem a bit pointless but for me I can see the key differences from one to the other.

This should output the list of characters in the guild that are level 80 by class. I did find working with XML in Groovy was a bit easier then Ruby. Overall, I find Groovy an interesting language and I do wish to learn more about it, along with Grails.

If any one knows of a better way to do this or any other language or technology that I should look into please let me know by posting a comment. Also feedback and questions are welcome!


Thanks to Guillaume Laforge there is a more ‘groovify’ example along with code to deal with character classes. Check it out at http://groovyconsole.appspot.com/script/140001