Zoë Keating is an cellist, I would say along the lines of Apocalyptica but more classical, softer and easier to listen to when trying to work. I find her music very soothing and it lets me clear my mind to work out problems.

I stumbled on her music from someone’s Twitter posting, after listening to a video Wired made of her playing I went looking on Amazon MP3 to see what I could find. Right now there is only 2 albums on Amazon MP3 and iTunes, but going to her website http://music.zoekeating.com, you can find all of them for sale in any format you would want.

Here is the video I saw from Wired for Zoë Keating playing “Escape Artist”

I hope you will enjoy this artist, also if you have any recommendations for other music that you find great to listen to at work feel free to comment below!