May 4, 2013

MD5 hashing in Dart

Here is some Dart code for doing MD5, though at this point in time, MD5 is becoming obsolete in favor of SHA1. But as I have done code for MD5 in other languages I figured I would duplicate the code for another comparison. To look at the languages, checkout MD5 hashing in Python, Ruby and Groovy and MD5 hashing in CoffeeScript, Perl and Scala.

I do like how you can use Method Cascades, this is something that I really wish Java had in it because the code is much cleaner in my opinion.

I am hoping to have some time to play around with Dart’s Isolates. It is like a cross between JavaScript’s Web Worker and Erlang or Scala actors.

Got a way to make the code better? Fork the Gist or comment on Github.

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