As I sit here in Venice on my vacation, I figure this would be a great time to dust off my blog. I haven’t put much time into it lately, I find myself wanting to write when I have a good balance with work and life with some learning on the side. Sadly, this balance has been missing for a bit, which leads us into a bit of a back story, the details are not important but the overall experiences that I gained are.

I had a bit of an “adventure” with a job I took a bit ago, from the outside it reminded me a lot of a startup I worked at before, one that I had a great time at along with making some great friends, but after some time I figured this job was far from the startup I worked at before. I think a lot of it was also the fact that I have changed and the things I look for in a job also have. This isn’t saying this was a perfectly fine place to work, there were many things they did wrong which wasn’t so clear from the interview process, despite how many questions I asked. I later found out that I wasn’t the only one with this feeling, as this company had the highest turnover rate I have ever seen. I found myself in a job that was far from what I wanted without meeting any of my expectations. So, I made the hard decision to leave in search of something better. I’m not very fond of moving from a job so soon, but in this case, it was the right decision.

I would say if you find yourself in a job that isn’t meeting your expectations, isn’t teaching you anything new, and is not giving you any joy, don’t be afraid to think about looking for another opportunity. Finding enjoyment from your work is important and I feel is necessary for a happy life. There isn’t any perfect job, but you should have one that you can find enjoyment from the work you do.

With most experiences in life, I always learn something about myself and how my opinions of things have changed over time. As I age, I find the things I enjoyed or could tolerate, being things I don’t want to deal with anymore. With every job I’ve had, I have learned about the things that make the work and the job enjoyable. All this had helped me find the job I have now, which has been going well and has been keeping me happy. I am able to learn new things, which is always something I love doing. So, as I’m in a good spot with the right balance I hope to be posting more, but we’ll see. Ideas and reality don’t always line up.