June 1, 2013

Yeoman working with APIs

From my last post, I talked about how great Yeoman is. I have found one issue with Yeoman but there is a easy solution. Yeoman comes with its own built-in server which is very convenient, but if you’re working on a application which requires access to an API this becomes an issue due to cross site domain. For some time I’ve been making a symbolic link of my Yeoman app folder into my Tomcat’s webapp folder which would allow me to access the API running on the same server. Read more

May 28, 2013

My Friend Yeoman

I’ve been working on more and more web applications both at work and for myself and I have been using a great tool to help me do this, it’s call Yeoman. Yeoman is a set of tools that work really well together when building Web applications. It’s been made by some of the leading people in the industry with considerations for best practices. Yeoman is made of, Yo - Which is used to generate a scaffold for your projects Bower - Which is for package management Grunt - Which is the build system With some simple commands Yeoman will layout your project and install all the JavaScript libraries you need. Read more

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