A quick look at CoffeeScript, TypeScript, and Dart

August 11, 2013

As more developers focus on working on the front end, more tools are created to assist the developers. We now have some great tools and IDEs to help us with our development of JavaScript. The language itself can be hard to grasp and leads to many errors and bugs in your code. New languages for the web have been emerging to help tackle the issues that people are having with building scalable JavaScript applications. ... Read more

My Friend Yeoman

May 28, 2013

I’ve been working on more and more web applications both at work and for myself and I have been using a great tool to help me do this, it’s call Yeoman. Yeoman is a set of tools that work really well together when building Web applications. It’s been made by some of the leading people in the industry with considerations for best practices. Yeoman is made of, Yo - Which is used to generate a scaffold for your projects Bower - Which is for package management Grunt - Which is the build system With some simple commands Yeoman will layout your project and install all the JavaScript libraries you need. ... Read more

Add a little coffee to your Javascript

September 12, 2011

So for my posting for Project Euler 001, the Javascript code kind of upset me. It’s not nice to look at and doesn’t really solve the problem in a functional way. With Javascript being a functional programming language it didn’t sit well with me. Comparing the Javascript code to the Groovy and Ruby code there is one thing missing and it is the ‘Range’ type call. If I could have a call like that I could use some other calls like filter and reduce to get the same outcome. ... Read more

Project Euler 001

September 5, 2011

Made this posting sometime ago but I’ve been forgetting to actually post it. When I was looking up some information on Scala I found a great video tutorial on youtube made by MadocDoyu, which can be found here. In part of the video he introduces the Project Euler, this project seems really interesting. I plan on solving problems time to time using many of the languages I have looked at. ... Read more

A look in to nodeJS

June 29, 2011

NodeJS is a new take on a way to build scalable network services. Note that I didn’t say web applications as nodeJS can do far more then just web apps. I’ve heard of people making IRC chats servers and DNS servers. So the capabilities of nodeJS go beyond just making web apps, but for myself this is my primary interests in nodeJS, but more precisely being able to make real time web apps. ... Read more

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