July 8, 2011

Team Fortress 2 is now free to play

I really don’t like writing about games because I don’t play that many of them.  When a game comes along that is good AND free, it makes it very easy to get into.  Recently Team Fortress 2 has become free to play through Steam.  This is a first person shooter (FPS) in the play style of Unreal Tournament and Wolfenstein Enemy Territory but with a very cartoony feeling to it. For me, this feature makes the game more enjoyable than just playing UT or W:ET.  The game is built upon the Half-Life 2 engine, similar to Portal 2 and offers a wide range of classes to play that lets you switch your role and play style as you go.

Team Fortress 2

After being a long time World of Warcraft player, I really enjoy that this is a game you can put down at anytime. Got some free time and want to play?  This game lets you come and go as you please online or offline. If you enjoy UT type games and don’t want to pay anything, then I say this game is for you! :)

So far my favorite class to play, the Heavy. It’s the tank part of myself from all the RPGs I have played.

For more info, check out http://www.teamfortress.com/freetoplay/faq.php

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