April 22, 2012

MD5 hashing in CoffeeScript, Perl and Scala

Kind of a follow up to my on MD5 hashing in Python, Ruby and Groovy posting, Here is a way of doing MD5 hashing in CoffeeScript and Perl. CoffeeScript/Node.js Perl Scala I also moved the code for Python, Ruby and Groovy into the same Gist on Github. If you know a better way feel free to fork and update!

July 13, 2011

Installing Scala on Mac OS X

One of the other things I’m trying to learn on my free time is Scala, like Groovy it’s a language that runs on top of the JVM and is both a object-oriented and functional programming language. One of the biggest places I know where its being used is Foursquare Same idea as the other postings I did for installing Groovy, Grails and jRuby. Head to the Scala home page at http://www. Read more

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