Beyond Auckland

October 23, 2010

The other day Sarah and I had a guided tour to places outside of Auckland, like the Waitomo caves (also known as the glow worm caves) and Rotorua hot springs along with some stops along the way. After leaving the city for a 3 hour drive you really get the feeling that there is TON of open land in NZ. Along the way we seen tons of sheep and cows so many that I now have a life time worth. ... Read more

Around Auckland

October 22, 2010

So after settling in, Sarah and I had a nice relaxing day around the city. We ordered rooms service for breakfast, (because we can!) and both have a very delicious eggs Benedict. (Eating them so fast that I didn’t get a photo). After eating I went to get my hair cut from a place right down the street. It was nice talking to an native New Zealander about New Zealand though at one point he started talking about his hobby with American cars. ... Read more

Made it to Auckland

October 19, 2010

Well Sarah and I made it to Auckland, longest flight ever from LAX to Auckland international! The flight itself was alright. At this point I wouldn’t recommend United Air to anyone as they over booked the flight and Sarah didn’t have a seat. After asking people to give up their seat for $400 credit and a hotel in Boston, Sarah had a seat given to her but on the other end of the plane. ... Read more

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