May 21, 2012

Mastering Grails 101 by Berglund and McCullough

I just got done watching “Mastering Grails 101” from O’Reilly last night. I enjoyed the presenters, having gone to many No Fluff Just Stuff talks of theirs. I know they are knowledgeable in many of the technologies in the Java ecosystem. Also they both have been in another video from O’Reilly, “Master Git” which I talked about before. I bought the videos because Grails is a framework that really interests me because I work with a good number of Java technologies. Read more

July 7, 2011

Tom Hughes-Croucher's on Node.js Video

One of the things I forgot to talk about in my “A look in to nodeJS” posting was what originally got me looking at nodejs. I had been seeing nodejs pop up here and there and I kind of wanted to learn more about it, but it wasn’t really on the top of my list. I always check to see if there are any new deals for ebooks. Sometimes, O’Reilly has deals that you can get videos too. Read more

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