May 21, 2012

Mastering Grails 101 by Berglund and McCullough

I just got done watching “Mastering Grails 101” from O’Reilly last night. I enjoyed the presenters, having gone to many No Fluff Just Stuff talks of theirs. I know they are knowledgeable in many of the technologies in the Java ecosystem. Also they both have been in another video from O’Reilly, “Master Git” which I talked about before. I bought the videos because Grails is a framework that really interests me because I work with a good number of Java technologies. Read more

March 31, 2011

Install Groovy and Grails on Mac OS X

Just some steps to get people up and running with Groovy/Grails on Mac OS. Hopefully with this steps you will be able to easily upgrade to any new version that comes out. Keep in mind you will need to replace the version number that is part of the file names as they upgrade. Download the newest releases of Groovy and Grails, Groovy can be found at, and as I’m writing this the Stable Release is 1. Read more

October 14, 2010

Books to read on my flight

So looking over the times for my flight it seems that it takes about 22 hours to get to New Zealand from Boston and about the same to get back from Australia. 22 hours is a long time to be in one place….Well, not really one place, but sitting. So thanks to the great site, I been loading up on ebooks to read on the trip. The 2 books I’m really looking forward to reading are Groovy in Action and Grails in Action both from Manning Publications Co. Read more

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