Well, now that 2010 is over I would like to go back and look at my top 3 postings based on Google Analytics. I’m really not much of a writer as I’m sure you can tell from my postings, but I do want to be able to share whatever knowledge I have and I do hope this blog helps with that. I would love to hear from people that pop on to the site from a search and found some helpful info. I hoping this year I will be able to write some more posting, right now my work has taking a lot of my time and by the time I get home I don’t have the will to write postings but I’m hoping I will be able to keep up with rolling out some new postings.

Number 1

Fun with ZFS send and receive

I found ZFS a great technology and very easy to use. The posting show some powerful commands that you can use to help move data around, all very easy after you get uses to them. Though I was sadden to hear that Oracle didn’t want to keep working on OpenSolaris, I feel that ZFS will live on in FreeBSD and Solaris itself. It makes a great default file system and I wish it would be adapted more widely in other operating systems like Linux or Mac OS.

Number 2

Stopping SSH Brute Force attacks with PF on FreeBSD

Another great technology that can be found in FreeBSD along with other BSD operating systems is PF. This is one of the first things I sat down and learned about after opening port 22 on my FreeBSD server. Taking the steps to open your server to the world is just the start you need to take time to ensure everything is nice and secure. SSH Brute Force given the time could make it into a sever if you haven’t taking the time to ensure things are set up right. I hoping this will help people and keep there servers nice and secure!

Number 3

Pulling data from the Warcraft Armory with Groovy

I do have to say this is my most fun posting I made, after being relinked by some people (like Guillaume Laforge Project Manager of Groovy) on twitter my site got a good number of hits which for someone that is just starting to blog is a really great feeling! I really got to see the social network work and see people sharing out the link to something they thought was fun. I wish I could get this affect again but for the time being I’m happy with this posting. Also seeing the people reply showed me that Groovy is a active language with a nice community around it and I do feel this is why I keep on looking and learning this lanuage.

Even though I don’t get massive number of hits, I’m still happy with what I have on my blog if anything, I do use this as a tool to look back on some of the things I have done for myself. With that said, have a happy new year!