December 1, 2017

Setting Up GPG Signature Verification for Github

GPG stands for GNU Privacy Guard, it’s a public-key cryptography that can be used to digitally sign items like commits in Git. GPG provides a lot more functionality, but let’s go into why you would want to digitally sign your Git commits. Git does not have any way to validate the author of a commit. When setting up a Git client on your system you are able to use any email address you desire. Read more

January 1, 2017

Quick look into BitBucket Pipelines

Atlassian just took their Bitbucket Pipelines out of Beta a bit ago, so I wanted to take look and get something up and running on it. From a quick look, it reminds me a lot of Codeship, which is a great service I have used to publish this blog along with using it at my previous job. For a nice test, I wanted to see if I could replace Codeship with Bitbucket Pipelines for my blog. Read more

August 27, 2011

Comcast data usage, put a fork in it!

Yesterday I was looking around for some new Ruby gems to help with web scraping (also sometimes called screen scraping), I found Nokogiri which is a great gem for dealing with HTML/XML data. One of the great things about Nokogiri is that it lets you use CSS3 selectors to find the data your looking for. This kind of makes it like using jQuery but in Ruby. For working with one page and not interacting with a site Nokogiri is fine, but if you need something more, Mechanize most likely will do the trick. Read more

February 27, 2011

Git, GitHub and "Mastering Git" videos

I have always heard good things about Git, how its solves a lot of problem other version control system have along with being very fast. Sadly, at my past jobs, we only used SVN and never really had good workflow as the developers would all work on separate projects. I started looking into Git on and off, it’s hard to fully learn something you know that you are not going to be able to use in your group. Read more

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